5 Benefits of a First Look

A First Look

Before we dive into 5 benefits of a first look, have you ever wondered what’s a “first look” anyway and should you consider it for your wedding day? Well, a first look is when a bride and groom see each other in wedding attires before the ceremony. It’s a second option for when they see one another down the aisle, and has been easily become one of the most beneficial “modern” additions to a wedding day. Whether you’re having an elopement or wedding, a first look can certainly benefit your final image yields overall. Most photos of my portfolio come from these moments and here are 5 benefits of it:

The Benefits

1. Get genuine images: Since it’s an intimate setting, you’re more open to connect, talk about your morning, how excited the bridal party is. You hug, laugh, let emotions run free, calm your nerves without being rushed to the next activity. This is one of the times when I can get the most genuine reactions.

5 benefits of a first look - with happy tears

2. More photos together: You’ll get to spend about 2-3 hours more with your significant other on your wedding day (that’s huge!). More time together also means more photos together. Because the day will go by really (I mean really) fast, it’s important to take some time to focus on just the two of you! With a first look, you can create some space to enjoy each other’s company and soak in the moment!

5 benefits of a first look - more photos together

3. Enjoy cocktail hour more: After the first look we’ll gather family members and the bridal party for formal photos. After getting all the important photos, you will hide as guests arrive to enjoy some downtime. Go drink some champagne, grab a snack or pep talk to boost your confidence before the ceremony. Having these done ahead of time means you’ll have more time after the ceremony to connect with old friends and family members. So bring on the drinks and go mingle!

4. Still, Tears When Walking Down the Aisle: A first look moment is magical. You laugh, cry, and fall in love all over, emotions run freely. Often times those feelings amplify when you see one another again down the aisle because now you get to share that special moment with everyone. Music & this very moment = all the feels!

5. In addition, a first look doesn’t have to be with your significant other, you could do it with your bridesmaid, parents, or grandparents, people that are important in your life. Or, you can do first looks with them both! Either way, it’ll make the day more special and more moments to remember later on.

5 benefits of a first look - do it with your girls
5 benefits of a first look - do it with your dad

In conclusion, whether you choose to have a first look or stick to tradition, it’s best to discuss this option with your photographer so that they can come up with the best plan possible. Happy planning! For more planning tips, check out more on my blog. For more recent work and travel, follow along my IG!

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